Things You Should Know About Me and This Blog:

I am a misanthropic introvert with anxiety, OCD, and “depressive tendencies”.

I am a left-leaning, liberal feminist who is pro-choice and pro-EU.

I swear, a lot.

I come from a background of white, middle-class privilege, and I am not always mindful of this. Apologies.

This blog is probably going to come across as First World Problems, and it probably is. But hopefully it’ll be relatable First World Problems.

If you don’t think you’ll enjoy a stream of consciousness from a sarcastic, sweary, cynical misanthrope, then this blog is probably not for you.

(Late) Tips for June

Don’t smoke. Cigarettes are gross, expensive, and as addictive as crack.* If you do smoke, and you smoke menthol, and even the secret leftover stock that your local shopkeeper would sell you have run out, and you now can’t buy menthol cigs any more because they’re banned for being so much more dangerous than normalContinue reading “(Late) Tips for June”

100 Days of Lockdown

So, we in the UK have reached the 100th day of Lockdown, although some restrictions have been lifted. Shops are open again, bars and restaurants are next, oh-so-cleverly coinciding with Independence Day. It’s been, as everyone across the globe has seen and continues to see, an absolute shitshow here. And it’s about to get worse.Continue reading “100 Days of Lockdown”

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